• A promo for 'The Unxplained' Season 2. A show that focuses on exploring the truth behind mankind's most puzzling mysteries and life's darkest anomalies. The show is hosted by the one and only William Shatner.The network wanted a concept that featured dark and mysterious imagery all connected together before the final reveal of Shatner.
  • Production Stills
  • Look Development Concept 1 by by Thanos Kagkalos & Tony Zagoraios
  • Look Development Concept 2 by Thanos Kagkalos & Tony Zagoraios  
  • Production Design by Mert Kizilay. Concept 2 additional shots  
  • Post Production Credits:

    Design Studio: Elastic
    Creative Director: Duncan Elms
    Designers: Mert Kizilay, Tony Zagoraios & Thanos Kagkalos
    3D Lead: Jan Sladecko
    3D Animators / Compositors: Alex Silver, and Zack Citro
    Editor: Rachel Fowler
    Color Management: Andrew Young
    Online Editors: Kevin Stokes, and John Valle
    Producer: Kevin Daly
    Production Coordinator: Mitchell Fraser
    Deputy Head of Production: Zach Wakefield
    Executive Producer: Luke Colson
    Head of Production: Kate Berry
    Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall