Trade Show Handouts + Giveaways

  • 2015 Baker & Taylor Cat Bag
    Our much-coveted Baker & Taylor cat bag. Librarians flock to our trade show booths to collect the newest bag featuring our furry mascots – Baker and Taylor – each year. My goal with this project is to reinforce our brand and let our mascot photos shine.
  • 2015 London Book Fair Booth
    This is the most recent trade show booth I designed for Baker & Taylor. We worked with the Iguana Group to get the overall layout and style of the booth, and then I designed all the graphics. My goal was to keep this as simple and uncluttered as possible. The two images really engage passersby because of their size and the nice, clean background in which they reside.
  • Vendor Summit Bookmark
    A coastal-inspired bookmark I created for Baker & Taylor's Vendor Summit held in Charleston, S.C.
  • CATS Nylon Bag
    A simple nylon tote bag Baker & Taylor distributed at a recent trade show. 
  • 2015 Cat Calendar
    Another highly coveted giveaway is the Baker & Taylor cat calendar. In past years, the calendar featured our mascot cats, Baker and Taylor. Starting in 2012, I suggested we hold a contest and take cat photo submissions from the public. It was a huge hit, generated a lot of social media buzz, and saved the company a lot of money on repeat cat photo shoots. We received more than 900 entries for the 2015 calendar.
  • Pre-show Mailers
    Just a couple of the many pre-show mailers I design each year. These two were for the most recent Public Library Association and American Library Association shows and were styled to match the each show's themes.