• collectionHQ Brochure    
    A tri-fold brochure I designed for collectionHQ – a division of Baker & Taylor. The marketing specialist and I worked with collectionHQ headquarters in Scotland on this large project. Copy revisions were aplenty, but despite the many changes, the end result was a clean and inviting brochure.
  • collectionHQ Best Practices Brochure
    A four-page brochure I designed to be mailed out to new customers of our collectionHQ program. The business owners requested a modern, playful design with cool graphics. I used the brand’s orange for the graphics and kept the design modern and flat. They loved the finished project, and I've since gotten requests to create similar pieces for our other brands.
  • Axis 360 Brochure
    A tri-fold brochure featuring Axis 360 ­– Baker & Taylor's digital media circulation platform for libraries. My main challenge was organizing a lot of information, yet still making it pleasing to the eye and easy to read.
  • Baker & Taylor Foundation Brochure
    A four panel roll-fold brochure for Baker & Taylor's employee foundation program.
  • Baker & Taylor Foundation Annual Report
    This was the Baker & Taylor Foundation's Annual Report for 2012. The past years had been very text heavy and uninspiring. I expanded the brochure by four pages to make room for eye-catching photos that created some energy and broke up the text a bit. The foundation does amazing work helping our employees, and I felt the report needed to reflect this noble cause.
  • Paw Prints Brochure
    A Paw Prints tri-fold featuring popular books Baker & Taylor offers with an extra-durable binding for kids’ books. There was a lot of information and books to organize, but the end result is easy to read and pleasing to the eye. The business owner especially loved how the book covers framed the information.
  • TS 360 Brochure 
    A smaller size brochure featuring TS 360 ­– Baker & Taylor's online book ordering system. The design is clean, uncluttered and well organized.