Aupale Vodka - Custom Bottle & Brand Design

    Custom Bottle & Packaging
    Brand Identity Design & Strategy
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    Creative Direction of Photography
    Merch Design & Production

    Aupale's bottle design is inspired by 1960s Finnish glass masters, as well as its origin: a glacier source found in the extreme Canadian north below an Aurora Borealis sky. The challenge was to craft a custom bottle inspired by its origin, that was also based on the classic Bordeaux shape.

    From sky to glacier, this exchange of natural energy influenced the glass' shift in texture from smooth to rippled, down to the icy glacial-like base. The brand symbol is debossed in the punt (the dimple at the bottom, which is a perfect half sphere), but when you look at the bottle from the front it becomes irregular, like an iceberg, because of the irregular, organic texture. A silky pale green cap made of 100% recyclable tin, nods to the borealis sky, refined. Typography brings an edge to elegance and a modern view of luxury for a brand whose distinction is unearthed from the ultimate inspiration: nature.