• Organic Chair

  • The Organic Chair is both a formal exploration and an exercise in 3-axis CNC machining. The form is organic and unique, each branching out from four structural supports, and its shape resembling that of a skeleton or a tree. The assembly consists of 16 individual parts, machined on a 3-axis CNC router.

    The Organic Chair is currently a formal and structural prototype, created during the COVID-19 pandemic with limited access to facilities. I am relatively new to furniture makin, so please excuse any imperfections on the joineries.

  • Process

  • Design

    The form of the chair is derived from a typology study (simulation result seen below). The simulation gave me insights formally and structurally, a helpful tool in creating the final design. 

  • Fabrication

    All 16 parts of the chair is done with a 3 axis CNC mill, entirely with a 0.5 inch ball router bit. All leg parts are milled on both sides, and special stocks was made as a cost and time saving measure, as shown in the video below. 

    Jigs were created to ensure proper glue-up of the angled joints, and to glue up smaller assemblies into the full form.

  • Special thanks to to Sullivan Fabrication Studio at SAIC for advising me and supporting me through this difficult time.

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