HCI Nucleus

  • d the next generation of its fraud prevention application: Nucleus. We’ve completed a comprehensive array of items related to the launch, starting with the logo, together with the welcome kit, brochures, trade show displays, mailers and Web sites. 

    The Nucleus software helps health insurance companies find fraud, waste and abuse in insurance claims. We started strategically, with our 5D Perception Branding process and then designed a strong, colorful identity for Nucleus, which tied together all the touchpoints and launched it at the industry’s annual tradeshow. We created a mailer to invite attendees to relax at the Nucleus Lounge. A mini-Web site explains the elements of the product. At the lounge, attendees were given the welcome kit box that magically changes to strikethrough Fraud, Waste, and Abuse when picked up by the handle. Contained in the box is the Nucleus product brochure, the HCI company brochure, a poster, and the playful product features card deck. The cards could be assembled in any number of ways to reinforce one of their primary differentiators—the ability to create a custom solution unique to customer’s needs. The design of the lounge itself extends the Nucleus look, feel and message to an environment that allows for natural sales interaction.