• Turning Point Software
  • Overview
    Turning Point Software creates innovative software for commercial use. The objective was to create a brand identity that captured the essence of what a turning point truly is. The process first began with taking a deeper look at a "turning point". It was realized that there is never one point of change,  but many points that together create a larger shift; this became the core concept.
  • Turning Point (noun); a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, especially one with beneficial results.
  • The visual ambiguity of software led to drawing inspiration from the physical materials that enable it.
  • To create the basis of the identity, the literal meaning of turning point was abstracted to represent a singular turning point and inspiration was taken from the microchip in which the software lives. That singular turning point is then used to build other brand elements which speak to the core concept as well as empowering the employees of Turning Point. Each singular point represents the potential of one person to make change, ultimately a collective of people that together can make a great change (a Turning Point).
  • The lock up allows the brand to adapt to content and media.
  • Bender Bold was chosen for it's computerish quirky aesthetic, it's bent qualities mirror that of the mark. Klinic Slab Light was chosen for its  blocky serifs that pay homage to the both the mark and display typeface.
  • A typographic alteration was made to the "i" of Bender Bold to give it more visual strength.
  • It's On Yellow is the accent color of the brand and is used sparingly as a reminder of electricity, and innovation. Ram Horn Off-White and Radial Hum Grey give subtle warmness while allowing the brand to sit flush with the content it displays.
  • Standard Business card; The lock up is leveraged to display information."This person creates change."
  • Envelope application and Business card variation; Example of brand pattern in use. "This letter gives us new direction."
  • The mark is used to frame the content. "This memo sparks an idea."
  • Tote Bag; Example of adaptation to new materials, content, and expressions.