Dead Space / Homage

  • I would like to share my recent project with you. It's a fan project dedicated to the Dead Space franchise. A few months of work, long hours of rendering and collaboration with
    Evgenii Park and Redhorse Studio. Such talented guys! Thanks for your will to become
    a part of this project. I really appreciate it.
    2008 is the year when I met the first part of Dead Space. This game literally scared the sh*t out of me. That was an amazing journey and it literally has stuck in my brain - dark and atmospheric corridors, danger hiding everywhere, interesting setting and lore. Since that moment Dead Space became
    one of my favourite survival horror games in the sci-fi genre.

    I also would like to thank the Visceral Games studio for creating one of the most memorable sci-fi horrors. Such a remarkable team effort. I don't know if you see this message one day, but you should know that you're legends. It is really sad that we will never see the fourth part of this story.

    CG / Design / Direction: Vladislav Solovjov
    Modelling: Vladislav Solovjov & Evgenii Park (@klickstop)
    Sound Design & Mixing: Redhorse Studio
    All rights belong to Electronic Arts.

  • - Early concepts -

  • - Play, survive, cut off the limbs, and... make us whole! -

    - In memory of Visceral Games -