• 2020 was an atypical year, a year full of changes and challenges, in every day. This encouraged institutes, in particular the Universidad de Monterrey develop measures to prevent students from dropping out of school, all under a simple but powerful thought: no student left behind.

    In a country like Mexico, higher education is essential to improve matters so important such as social mobility, that’s why the idea to fulfill this need, “create a no paused education”  allowed to assist students, our country’s future.

    It’s true, during 2020 everything paused. Concerts, flights, plans, everything had to be rescheduled and we were invaded by uncertainty, a feeling that a whole generation hadn’t experience. What couldn’t been left on hold were the will to move forward towards a better future, the motivation to help the talent reach their goals. For that, pauses don’t exist.

    Through illustration and positive phrases, our campaign reached out those students that needed an extra impulse accomplishing their dreams. The Universidad de Monterrey was there for them.

    Bright colors, illustrations and fonts coexist to create a universe in which our campaign motivates and mirror our students in their daily business.

    Our typographic selection was Heroine Pro, which had been adapt by RESET with a “handwirtten” style, designed exclusively for the campaign, giving a closer approach, less institutional. Heroin Pro represents our university by being elegant, comprehensible, strong and formal. By using the “hadwritten” style we were able to grant the student’s personality touch, more energetic, youthful.

    This campaign was design for a collaborative community, that always takes care of their people and encourages them to reach their dreams. No student left behind.

    Erika Múzquiz
    Julián Iñiguez

    Ana Cristina Espinosa
    Mario Campos
    Zilia Zentella
    Paulina Álvarez

    Ana Cristina Espinosa

    Mario Campos