SK Concretica — Free Font

  • SK Concretica is our first experimental typeface for typing and text arrays. The font is inspired by the works of great masters of type design, such as Adrian Frutiger, Eric Spickerman, Claude Garamon and others. The typeface permeates the spirit of modernism and monumentalism. Not for nothing is it called "Concretica".
    This typeface has everything you need for a graphic designer: a basic set of characters (Latin and Cyrillic), additional multilingual character sets (Greek, Hebrew, Hiragana, Katakana), extended basic character sets (Latin Pro, Cyrillic Pro), alternative styles for both letters and signs, arrows (basic and alternative set), and much more.
    The typeface is worked out to the smallest detail, and the signs of the classic type design are reinterpreted and based on geometry and modernism. The SK Concretica typeface will look great both in the headings and in the text and will be a functional addition to the design work.

  • SK Сoncretica™ is already available on MyFonts and Yellowimages.
    You can get special price and Free Trial on Gumroad, so go there and get the typeface!

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