• (Re)Think
    —Selected Works 2018 ⁄ 2020

    *A portfolio book that includes projects I've produced during the years of my study at the Academy of Art University School of Graphic Design.

    What does rethinking mean to me?
    Design is about thinking, but usually that is not enough. To me, good design takes the process of thinking and rethinking, which leads to the result of sustainable, long-lasting, practical, and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

    I view design as a way of communication so that I always encourage myself to rethink what the intention is. I view design as a way of contributing to the community so that I always push myself to rethink what I am contributing. I view design as a way of problem solving so that I always ask myself by what means I am going to achieve the goal. I believe in the value of rethinking in every design process which builds the foundation of my creation.

    Book Specs: 8x11 Inches, 184 Pages​​​​​​​
    Discipline Typography, Editorial Design​​​​​​​, Branding, Digital Design
    Special Thanks Mary Scott, Laura Messina

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