Smell Museum (student branding project)

  • Smell Museum
    Student Branding Project
  • The Smell Museum is an unique museum focusing on one sense – smell, establishes and documents permanent exhibitions exploring all aspects relating to the subject of smell museum such as: History, Chemistry, Sensory and Art. It offers, workshops for all ages professional studies, lectures on the effect of smell on human’s daily life, educational programs, provide a chance to people participate themselves in the process of creating their own fragrance or flavor, interact and have fun with smells. The Museum of Smell seeks to create a comprehensive, accessible, engaging environment for people that range from scholars to young children to learn, experience, discuss the subject of smell. 
  • tickets for four different kinds of vistors
  • a scented sticker can be removed from ticket
  • Exhibitions Handbook
  • Museum Gift Shop Package
  • Bus Stop Poster
  • Signage