• Horn Please is a documentary that encapsulates various aspects of the Indian Truck art, an art form that makes journeys through the dusty highways of India, incredible in more ways than one. This documentary focuses on the origin and evolution of truck art, and how it influences not just the world of art, but also the lives of its artists and the truckers who interact with it on a daily basis. At its heart, Horn Please investigates, whether this traditional art as a unique form of expression, will survive the modern day demands of the Industry. The title of the documentary—Horn Please—is derived from a painted message seen behind most of the trucks in India. It is a signal for the vehicles behind the trucks to blow the horn before overtaking. The sheer exposure of the signage has led it to become a popular phrase among Indians.
  • Divided into nine sections—The Fuel to Truck Art, Travel Companion, Lettering, The Soul, Speed Breakers, Transformation, Indian Truck Art going places, The Next Gen, and The Crossroads —Horn Please tries to tell the story of the Trucking industry, the truck art as well as the people associated with it. The nine chapters help to pace out the storyline by emphasizing on topics such as: introduction and significance of truck art in India, process, time and cost involved, truck as home/wife, transformations, problems, future of truck art, etc.