B'crew Branding Concept

  • B'crew is a virtual brand. The "B" means "blade", which represents our personality and attitude. It also means that we will do some exploratory and pioneering visual design experiments like daggers and sharp knives. In addition, B'crew's overall pronunciation is similar to "be cool", "be cool" itself is calm down. I'd rather interpret it as "become cool". This is also the brand concept of our virtual brand. I hope everything in the world can be cool. I hope we can keep our personality, and be a "coooooooooool" person!

    B’crew是一个虚拟品牌,“B”意为“blade”,即利刃,代表我们的个性与态度,也代表我们像匕首、尖刀一样,将要做一些探索性、先锋性的视觉设计实验;另外B’crew整体读音与“be cool”相似,“be cool”本身是冷静的意思,而我更愿意把它解读为“变酷”,这也是我们这个虚拟品牌的品牌理念,希望世界万物皆可变酷,愿我们都可以不随波逐流,维持自己的个性与本心,做个酷酷的人