Nature's Joint by ((( O ))) June Marieezy

  • Nature's Joint​​​​​​​
  • By (((O))) June Marieezy
  • "Things of... that I was just thinkin' two weeks ago
    Says don't forget the grain of sand that hold there secrets
    They know exactly why they're here
    Without the words they don't need or have
    They see it clear without eyes to steer themselves in the rubble
    No sense of nerves but a vibrant consciousness that happens without fear
    Stay near to the point of nature's joint."

  • Animations for June Marieezy's
    The Sundrop Garden Tour last August of 2019
  • Shape Language​​​​​​​

    The animation is a sequence of visualising the sound to our feelings of nature
    carried by different vibrations of meaningful shapes and patterns.  
  • Motion
  • Styleframes