Neon - Artificial Humans

  • Dream sequence - Artificial Humans

    This is an excerpt of 8 minutes of high-fidelity CGI visuals we created for the NEON “Artificial Humans” launch at CES 2020. In just 17 weeks we helped the innovative team from Star Labs (a Samsung spin-off) create a whole new brand identity.

    Together, Milkinside helped design a cutting edge booth experience, and built compelling visuals incorporating CGI and live actors.  We’re really  proud of the role we played in making NEON a star attraction at the conference.

  • Meduza story
  • Hand story
  • Wave story
  • Eye story
  • Flower story
  • Styleframes story

  • Design Director/Producer: Gleb Kuznetsov
    Producer: Kevin Davis 
    CG Supervisor: Alexey Churochkin
    Motion designers: Egor Levkin, Alexander Eskin,
     Phil Bonum, Alexey Churochkin, Alexander Karelin, Dima Flood, Artur Zhamaletdinov, Alexey Karpik
    Client: StarLabs 
    Production: Milkinside

    Thank you!