“Speculative Type Design”  is the title of the final thesis (M.A.) of Daniel Stuhlpfarrer (danielstuhlpfarrer.com) at the University of the Arts Berlin in the class of Prof. Fons Hickmann (klassehickmann.com). This work examines the effect that a cooperation between man and machine has on the design of type and what a future of type design could look like as a result. Will the future of type design change completely? Or will individual components and processes be optimized and what does this mean for type designers? The key question is: How relevant is the use of new technologies in terms of type design?
              This question was further explored using the theories of Gerrit Noordzij's “The Stroke”, Donald E. Knuth's theory of a metafont and the unification of type by Douglas R. Hofstadter from the 70s and 80s. These theories were combined with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, algorithms and technological components such as variable font technology.
    This approach to the subject and the combination of theory and technology led to speculations about a possible future of type design. These speculations range from a shift in activity to a more concentrated design effort.
              With this knowledge and speculation, a metafont was then developed, that combines a variety of type classifications in one typeface. The variable font "BAGAGE" was developed, which interpolates on 5 axes. For this purpose 32 masters – i.e. 32 extreme points of a font family – were drawn. These extreme points, but also all the cuts in between, can then be controlled via parameters and can thus generate a large number of fonts.
              This typeface forms the basis for the “Custom Font Generator” of the same name. A specially developed algorithm is used to determine the personality of the user and to transfer it to the axes and thus to the font classification. In order to determine the personality, the functionality of the “Big Five Inventory 10 Test” was used as a guideline – so an own web application was programmed. With this Custom Font Generator “Bagage” you can now generate your own personal custom font and use it free for personal purposes.
              The book “Speculative Type Design” serves as a documentation of the work, but is also a comprehensive type specimen for the font “Bagage” in 312 pages.

    Custom Font Generator:

    “Spekulative Schriftgestaltung – Speculative Type Design”:
    Design: Daniel Stuhlpfarrer (danielstuhlpfarrer.com)
    Print: HP Indigo
    Paper Cover: Gmund Colors Matt 300g/m², color 35 (orange)
    Paper: RecyStar Polar 100% recycled paper Blue Angel 80g/m² & Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife Gloss 115g/m²
    Typeface: Bagage - Daniel Stuhlpfarrer
    Binding: Free spine brochure - perfect binding
    Printed in Germany

  • 5-axis: Weight, Contrast, Slab, Width and Slant