The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts currated the "Chihuly: Utterly Breathtaking" exhibition from June to October 2013, breaking its records with 277,051 visitors. The exhibition catalog was designed working closely with the MMFA and Chihuly Studio.
    Chihuly is regarded as the "Tiffany" of our day and has been exploring the plastic potential of blown glass for over fifty years. With fire, gravity, breath and centrifugal force, this accomplished master plays with colours, reflections and organic forms, using repetition, accumulation and layering arrangements of modular and singular elements to create unparalleled rhythms and visual effects.
    The MMFA presented as a Canadian exclusive the artwork of the American artist Dale Chihuly.
    An immersive, astounding and grandiose visual experience, this exhibition was the first major Dale Chihuly show to be presented in Canada – organized by the MMFA in partnership with the Chihuly Studio.

    Awards & Recognition
    Coupe Magazine Award, Toronto, 2014
    Grafika Awards, Montreal, 2014

    Client : MMFA (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts) and Chihuly Studio
    Agency : Paprika
    Installations at the Chihuly: Utterly Breathtaking exhibition, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.