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  • FAST School of Management Islamabad organised an informative and insightful conference under the title CPEC Myths and Realities that addressed the impact of the corridor on socio economic demographics of Pakistan in a multifaceted manner. Event challenged the popular ideas that CPEC is a pathway to prosperity and opposing idea of CPEC being a Trojan horse from China aim to control Pakistan resources.

    The conference tackled this via 3 sessions discussing the socio-economic impact of CPEC on Pakistan, Capitalisation of human resources in the light of Chinese influx and Keynote sessions by guest speakers.

    Responsible for branding and all the graphic content used in the conference.
    Please find more about these sessions here.​​​​​​​

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  • The inspiration for the event's graphics came from the iconic monument located in Pakistan and China. The colour palette was selected based on the values of the event i.e Prosperity (Things with monetary and Emotional attachment like Gold )and Clarity (Associated to Pure things like Clear water).In order to have clarity across all mediums Gotham font (San Serif) paired with Trajan font (Serif Font) were used.

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