Causarē Brand Identity

  • Causarē Brand Identity
    Causarē is a design consultancy that creates Design with CAUSE: Concept, Aesthetics Usability and Simplicity in Everything. Our process considers all elements to create comprehensive, impactful and lasting design, advertising and branding solutions.
    Causarē’s branding includes brand standards, printed materials and digital media. All elements are bold and simple to reflect the Design with CAUSE sentiment. Causarē has its own website as well as various social media platforms to share its projects and updates as way of attracting new clients. There are also promotional items such as flash drives and t-shirts to further brand recognition.
    Please see Design with CAUSE for information on Causarē's logo and development.
  • Standards
  • The primary logo with tagline.
  • A breakdown of the logo components.
  • The brand colors.
  • The five different versions of the logo for different printing situations.
  • The brand typefaces. Arial (not pictured) is used in place of Akzidenz Grotesk on the internet.
  • Digital Media
  • Desktop background.
  • Official website.
  • Bēhance profile.
  • Facebook profile.
  • Printed Materials
  • Usability is reflected in efficient printed materials. Similar layouts allow client contracts, creative briefs,
    invoices and letters to be printed efficiently on the same letterhead.
  • Blank Causarē labels serve multiple purposes like marking envelopes and materials such as notebooks.
  • This has been a Causarē project. For business inquiries please contact