AAI (Automotive Artificial Intelligence)

  • AAI Target Audience

  • AAI Products and Services

  • AAI Identity (2017)

  • In order to have a cohesive image of the brand for it's users. A identity was required that stands out and creates an impact. Providing value to it's target audience. Design team at this stage of the startup where to come up with novel designs that would speak to AAI's customers on an equal level and as a proactive member of the automotive community.

  • AAI Product UI Design

  • Creation of the AAI's Product's UI design involved understanding the user who will be using the Application on daily basis. These users mainly where engineers from OEMs and other third part organizations interested in our products. For this interface in particular we started with rough/crude Paper mockups for testing. Then to simple wireframes. Which was then translated to UI for further implementations. As product is build on top of VDT there for some of the interfaces was left out.