Nagorny Model Junior

  • Nagorny Models Junior (NMJ) is a Biggest modelling school for kids and teenagers in Belarus. It had 13 schools and up to a 1000 kids last season. Their students star in TV ads, fashion shootings and work in modelling in China, Italy, Russia, Belarus and other countries. The problem is that visually they were indistinguishable from hobby classes next door.

    Not a school, but a window of opportunities

    Our design approach is based on the insight that for the kids and teenagers NMJ is more than a school. It`s a new world for them — often much more exiting, than their daily lives. They get to meet their friends , work as runway models, star in TV ads and travel abroad.

  • Framing a really
    long name

    Nagorny is a known brand in Belarus. That`s why we had to stick to a complicated 3-word name. Super long name is a handicap, but also an opportunity to use it in a unique way. And that`s exactly what we did. We created a logotype, that acts as a frame. It dynamically scales and easily brands every piece of content.

  • Merch for little

    We wanted to create merch, that kids would love to wear. Thats why we decided to treat uniforms as seasonal collections, rather than standart school clothing. 

    The designs are planned to last one school year and will be replaced with something new on a yearly basis.We designed first collection as Fall/Winter 19/20 items.

  • Web and digital

    The updated visual identity went live in august 2019, just in time for the new school season. To back it up we designed and launched a 2019-2020 season landing page and also a social media and digital campaigns.

    Focus on digital mediums made sense for our target audience and minimized client`s budget.

  • Results

    In the first season after the rollout the school`s team surpassed new applications expectations by 30%, opened 2 new schools in Minsk and was in the process of further expansion.

  • Made by Naked 2019

    Design and Art Director: Igor Kolomiiets 
    Secret Advisor: Denis Sheremet 
    Copywriter: Nataliia Denysenko 
    Photography: Nagorny Models Junior

    Nagorny team: Nina Drako, Nelly Drako,
    Olga Lipnitskaya 

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