• About Axon

    The AXON Innovations is a motivated partner in innovative system solutions with a focus on special equipment manufacturing, industrial image processing and software development. They create unique and professional systems for medium-sized companies and corporations. Intelligent recognition algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, machine language understanding, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud services and computing that are used to implement the developments.


  • In order to attract these users based on the needs and wants the marketing material and other artifacts where created to communicate with the customers in a better way.

  • Logo Reveals

    Axon Logo Reveal

  • Axon's Nova Framework Logo Reveal

  • Conference Material


    Conference posters showcasing Axon's Image Recognition projects projects

  • Stationary and brochures that signified the company's name and image in the eye of the viewer. Making it easy for them to reach or know more about Axon innovations

  • Axon's All about Automation Conference Booth

    Axon's booth at the conference to was created to tie into the axon's brand values for full visual impact on visitor. Here are the pre-visualization mockups for Axon's Booth

  • Product Design

  • Griller Project

  • Product: A User interface used by a potato machine to sort and manage potatoes.
    Objective: Increase usability of the UI for the users to navigate.
    Tools used: Qt Designer , Figma.

    Older UI

  • Newer Version with Custom icons and better navigations.

  • Axon's Charging Station Project

  • Product: Electric vehicle Charging station.

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