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  • The Project

    I had the opportunity to collaborate with Facebook, designing some 3d illustrations for the Always On project. I was responsible for the conception of re-imagining the 2d style for the next level in 3D, representing some commemorative dates of the October month in Brazil. Important cultural dates in the country such as: teacher's day, children's day, musician's day, dog's day, Nordestino's day and also Pink October. The main illustration is being used on the cover of the Facebook main page.

    My role: 3D ilustration, Design 
    Client: Facebook 
    Agency: Mutato 

    © Facebook, Inc. 2020. 

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  • Pink October, about breast cancer.

  • October 1, International Music Day.

  • October 4th, Dog Day.

  • October 12, Children's Day.
    October 15, Teachers' Day.

  • October 8, Nordestino's Day.

  • October 3, Personal Organizer Day.

  • The characters design.

  • Facebook app with the main illustration.

    Sketch that I designed looking for the Facebook characters styleguide, before I start the 3d production.

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