Ruroc / Lite

  • The design and CG campaign I directed for the Ruroc's brand-new snow sports "Lite" helmet. All content I was working on was supposed to emphasize the futuristic and crisp design of this helmet and its goggles. Following the product's philosophy I tried to reflect its character and create an energetic and minimalistic CGI. Special attention was given to the helmet's materials as I tried to make them be as close to the real samples as possible. Also I had a pleasure to prepare a lot of content for the website and all social networks. The full production of this marketing campaign took 4 months which at the end became one of the most interesting and complex projects I've ever had a chance to work on.

    Design / Direction / CG / Editing / Sound Editing: Vladislav Solovjov
    Helmet Design: Matteo Vikingo Marconi, Doug Causer, Adam Taylor
    Helmet Modelling: Matteo Vikingo Marconi, Doug Causer

    Client: Ruroc
    Year: 2020
  • Posters
  • Helmet Features Animation
  • Goggles Features Animation
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  • First Concepts and Renders