An Unforgettable Taste

  • This ad was made for the purpose of celebrating Al Mudhish's 30th anniversary in Iraq.
    The concept revolves around the idea of nostalgia, a girl talking about her memories, expressing her emotions while talking about her mother and the way she acted, every single detail of the morning ritual they had together, the milk she made for her every day and how it brings her joy, warmth and love.

  • Behind the scenes
  • Client: Al Mudhish
    Creative Agency: Tafa3ul Agency
    Production house: Tafaseel​​​​​​​
    Director: Ahmed Alsamar
    DOP: Ali Ameer
    ​​​​​​​Art Director: Mohammed Oudah
    Copywriter: Mays Yasser
    Production designer: Abdulilah Khalid
    Prop master: Karrar Mohammed, Janoob Talib, Mustafa Ghanam
    Light Gaffer: Mustafa Begho
    Post production: Tony Ameer
    Story board artist: Ali Jassim
    Production manager: Ali Falah