AdobeMAX-ZbyHP-Mexifunk Vector Tutorial

  • This AdobeMAX 2020 ZbyHP and I wanted to offer you all something which most of you have requested for years, ever since I started posting my vector commissions up here on Behance.

    Here's my stylized tutorial of one of my vector freestyle illustrations showing you how I play with customizing colors, gradients, vector shapes and choosing brushes while creating my Catarina themed art made with #zbyhp.

    Tools used: Adobe Illustrator- Z4 Workstation- ZBookX2- Z DreamColor Display

  • below: the CMD + Y - Preview mode of all the vector shapes
  • below: the Select - All Anchor point view
  • below: My wife was very happy to model for this Mexican Inspired Catrina for Dia De Los Muertos and now a wallpaper for all of you to enjoy.
    If you care to see more, click below to follow my vector adventures.
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