• Here at Tolyatti Lemonade, we pride ourselves on our history of providing quality products to families around the world. With more than 20 different flavors and varieties from orange to apple lemonade, we use the freshest ingredients to ensure you get the highest quality lemonade.​​​​​​​

  • Logo animation is a good way too show some cool things in identity. Tolyatti Lemonade has two variants for presentation. Each of them can be promo for video or just gif for social networks.

  • Tolyatti Lemonade launches Tropical Blend and Berry Blend to combine the best of both worlds: fruit and vegetable lemonade, bringing together flavors you love with essential nutrients.

  • We want to create a clean and premium package design, that should mirror our brand positioning. A pleasant mix of bright colors and deep cold tones creates a sense of attracts attention.

  • Open to new projects, clients and collabs
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