Kaminskyi Brand Elements

  • Kaminskyi
    Brand Elements

    The Form Strives for a Perfect Figure.
    We recently worked with Edgar Kaminskyi to design and produce a set of unique idents to 
    help launch first identity update.

    Kaminskyi – is a Ukrainian brand of plastic surgeon. 
    The brand is based on the beauty in the details and change in shape. The first Association, when it comes to placris surgeon, is related to medical instruments and incisions. The symbolism of this spheres is to show how people can reveal their inner beauty and move avay from classic representations of surgery.

    As well as these idents we were also tasked with creating a full set of motion guidelines that allowed further collaborating artists, studios and designers working across multiple mediums to create their own unique idents, all housed within one diverse and unique package.

    KAMINSKYI - Reveal your Beauty.
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