VRTU Clothing // Ian Coogan

  • Chico, CA artist Ian Coogan linked up with VRTU clothing to print a small series of tank tops featuring his latest work, a globby bunch of monstrous eyes set in black and green comic book style. VRTU founder Alex Luquin invited me out to film and photograph a small promotional piece documenting the process.
  • Alex Luquin lays the inkjet film positive onto the exposure table. The design is printed onto this clear sheet so light can’t pass through it, allowing the emulsion to stay wet during the burn. Ian is shown illuminating the control panel on the exposure unit, allowing Alex to initiate the process. Once the exposure has started, no UV light should be allowed into the room. These special light bulbs are used for visibility in darkrooms, but they also happen to provide great photo opportunities! After exposure, Alex and Ian headed outside to wash the screens and prep them for press. In total, around 50 shirts were printed for Ian.

    The screen printing process is really quite simple, but something about the entire orchestra inspires so many compositions for me. It almost feels like cheating when everywhere you point your camera there is something interesting to be captured.