São Paulo Urban Distillery & Jardim Botânico Gin

  • With a Paulistano soul and the sophistication and quality of the UK’s distilleries, the São Paulo Urban Distillery is the first-ever São Paulo’s gin distillery. SPUD, as we call it, is unprecedented in the capital, and also works as a hidden bar, with a speakeasy-style. From there, with a very exclusive drinks list, the new national premium gin, Jardim Botânico Gin, is produced.

    The SPUD brand identity was inspired by the golden age of São Paulo city. The unique richness of its times created beautiful facades, buildings, and typography that inspired me to design this project.

  • The figure on the back of the Blue Macaw - wrapped in a hexagon - represents the ground zero of the city of São Paulo, over the skyline of the metropolis buildings. The choice of the bird was because the macaw is a bird of high representation of the Brazilian fauna, which lives to collect botanists for itself.

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  • From the same creators of SPUD, Jardim Botânico Gin is the product of a team of five members, formed by two perfumers and gin lovers of different nationalities: Scottish, English, New Zealand, French and Brazilian. The drink is presented in a bottle similar to a perfume bottle from the ‘20s and composed of first quality ingredients, in addition to exclusive botanicals of Brazilian flora.

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    Architecture: Fernanda Martin @plante.arq
    Bottle 3d model - Jordan Perez @__jordanperez
    Printing/Graphic Production: Marcos Mello, Patrícia Passos - Letterpress Brasil
    Videos/Photos: Andre Stefano @andrestefano
    Credits: 134 office