Studio Lore

  • Studio Lore is a creative studio in Amsterdam of artists and writers from traditional and non-traditional narrative backgrounds. We created a conceptual brand identity based on a contemporary and bold aesthetic, reflecting Studio Lore’s reputation for storytelling and cultural provocations. 

    “Lore” is the exchange of universal and easy to share stories, myths, and legends through word of mouth. The implicit concept of orality in this word was our jumping-off point to work on the graphic representation of the spoken word and its oral transmission. We took the phonetic language, a universal system that opens language up to everyone, as our visual and written tool. We used the International Phonetic Alphabet to form the foundation of this dynamic typographic identity that mixes characters with phonetic symbols. We worked with Sharp Type developing a bespoke 53 characters phonetic alphabet applied across the identity system, giving Studio Lore a distinct visual profile and voice in the creative industry.

    Also, we integrated fire through photography inspired by the fact that ever since humans discovered fire, we’ve gathered around flames to tell stories. The role of Studio Lore is ignite modern-day campfires, and stoke conversation with stories that transcend culture.

    ⟶ Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards 2021, Prize Nominee Work
    ⟶ TDC 66 - Type Directors Club, Certificate of Typographic Excellence

  • Agency: Studio Lore
    Photographers: Bart Oomes / Jonathan Krijgsman / Douglas Guillot / Matthew Thorne
    Typography development: Sharp Type / Dinamo
    Coder: Arturo Castillo Delgado

    Role ⟶ Lead art direction & design

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