Kernel - Brain Neurotechnology visual

  • Kernel is a team of neuroscientists, physicists, engineers, programmers, and experiment and operations experts driven by the belief that exploring and quantifying the human mind is the most important and consequential opportunity of our time.

  • Our primary goal is to enable improved and accelerated insights into the human brain. 
    The 20th century was the century of physics. We split the atom, went to the moon, and peered at the edges and origins of the universe. The 21st century will be the century of the brain, the mind, and of general intelligence. What wonders lie ahead on the path towards the next great frontier of human exploration—ourselves?

  • Research process

  • Credits
    Client: Kernel
    Agency: Milkinside
    Design Director: Gleb Kuznetsov
    CGI/Render: Alexander Ka, Milkinside

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