Swirl - Brand Identity & Packaging Design

    Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Creative Direction of Photography

    Vegan with an edge. Swirl is Montreal's leading small batch cremerie known for insanely delicious coconut based ice creams. The Founders first approached Wedge to design the packaging tubs. Long story short: The artwork stole the show and the project became a rebrand.
                    The luscious typographic artwork is inspired by Swirl's creamy texture and the smooth track left by.a spoon. The bold black and white look is hit with a colourful fruit sticker to connote the flavour, and honour Swirl's main collaborators: a tight network of farmers surrounding the city whose peak produce often dictates Swirl's fleeting flavours of the season. 

    Design Director: Justin Lortie
    Creative Director: Sarah Di Domenico
    Design & AD Lead: Ariane Leblanc
    Graphic Designer: Noé St-Onge, Samuel Larocque, Philippe Dionne Bussières
    Typography: Noé St-Onge
    Photography: Lian Benoit