Electrocar Neon

  • Tasks:
    Develop digital content for the presentation of an electric car with neon lighting. Make a mobile application for buying an electric car.

    Part 1. Created 3D content, Style frames, demonstrated the process of work.
    Part 2. Has been developed a mobile application for the purchase of an electric car with the necessary equipment . 

    Making of this project RENDER_RU

  • Part 1
  • Motion
  • Style frames
  • Bokeh
  • Brakedown and postprocessing

  • Part 2

    Mobile and web
  • Landing page
  • Mobile application

  • Credits:                                                      3d designer, art-director:
                                                                     Alexey Gudinin

                                                                     UX/UI designer:
                                                                     Helga Graphunzel

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