La Palma

  • Between the 40’s and 50’s, the beautiful Island of Cuba was filled with Hollywood celebrities and bohemians enjoying a timeout from American prohibition: “La Havana was a resplendent cosmopolitan city that dutifully catered to the fantasies and desires of North Americans.” says Vicki Gold Levi and Steven Heller in their book: Cuba Style

    La Palma takes this as inspiration and uses the shape of a hotel to transport customers into a bar from the period, creating a speakeasy atmosphere of elegance, rumba and rum. 
    Hues of pink and green represent the mix of ingredients of their heritage drink; El Mojito. This was also the inspiration to craft a house rum blend to complement the identity of this hot and fresh hub in the middle of sexy Bondi Beach, AUS.
  • With the incredible mastery of Steady Hand Studio on the 23K gold leaf signage
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