CGN - Belle Époque

  • Billboard and Video Campain
  • We are back in 1871 – 1914  here are the most central years as known as  BELLE EPOQUE  . Years where every thing was possible, Where everything could be made. Industries, Imaginations , Power, Electricity, Arts ... Imaginating what 2020 would look like .

    In this project we we wanted to get back to this feeling. With our client's Belle époque boats that are for most of them now more than 80 yrs old and still sailling on GENEVA'S LAKE

    We where called by Do! L'agence, Lausanne Switzerland based Ads agency for this Fancy boat flying project. The creatives approached us asking how could we make boats fly ?

    In fact during the world lock down situation people where wondering if every thing would restart at some point. With all the excitement of the buissnesses reopening they decided to go with this printed Billboard all around geneva's lake in switzerland.

    In the mean time we where asked to develop the story of how everything turned in the creatives's mind to build up this project from scrates.

    We for that decided to go with a film story telling the how of the project filming the amazing Mila Monthoux (Actress for the film project.)

    On today's date . The campagain's film presentation project ( PAPER BOAT - A CHILD'S DREAM ) was alredy nominated WINNER to 5 international film festival in Italie and USA.

    See list below

    Vegas Movie Awards
    Phoenix Short Film Festival
    Hollywood Gold Awards
    Venice Film Awards
    Florence Film Awards

  • CGN - Dream
    A project designed to present our Swiss 2020 creative Bilboard Campaign ''Reprendre l'air'' Developped with DO L'agence For the CGN

    Production -
    Dir/DoP -

    Agency - DO L'agence
              Creatif - Jean-Luc Duvoisin
              Art Director - Grégory Oberson

    Client - CGN

    Ass.Prod. - Nathalie Peters
    1AC Grip - Andrea Aegerter
    1AD Grip - Reto Schimidli
    Sound Design - Alex Mullarkey
    Electro - Gaetan Bongard
    Ass. Grip - Matthias Gerber
    Script Writer - Nathalie Peters
    Collaboration CGN - DO -
    CGN Frédéric Monthoux
    Talent - Mila Monthoux
    SetDesign - Eve Menoud
    VoiceOver Alex and Nathalie

  • Many Thanks for reviewing the project !