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  • Background

    Over 8 years of establishment and development in the field of investment and real estate, Ben Thanh Invest today is known as one of the largest real estate trading floors with a good customer service experience.


    Providing customers with excellent real value and profitable investment. Providing the market with quality residential areas, with the most perfect living space. Bring prosperity and happiness to all staff. Bring benefits and contribute to the community and society.


    To become the TOP 5 largest and most prestigious real estate distribution floors in South Vietnam in the next 5 years.

  • Devolted

  • Challenge
    Improving the old Logo that is easier to remember, more modern, and more in line with the brand's "sustainable belief" message.- Logo improvement is simple, but still attracts viewers, helping customers to trust and trust the brand. Demonstrating the spirit of solidarity, linkages between parties, and demonstrating Brand purpose / Brand identity: trading platform specializing in real estate, affordable, transparent, and highly profitable.

    The message content focuses on customer experience, partner collaboration, investment, and brand equity, with comprehensive content tailored to the brand tone to convey BTI's intentions.

  • Brand color

    The orange color represents joyfulness, enthusiasm, dedication, positivity, and energy. Navy blue color represents professionalism, steadiness, and peace of mind.

    The logo of Ben Thanh Invest is stylized from the letters in the brand name "B" and "T". Specifically, the 4 lowercase "b" letters of the word "Ben" are cleverly styled into 4 lowercase "t" of the word "Thanh" in Ben Thanh, symmetrical to create a unified, harmonious, and balanced cohesion.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Logotype with Brandon font is a san serif font, with a modern and definitive form that clearly shows the transparency associated with the lasting trust value of the brand.

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    Design Agency: emoBreaker Agency
    Art Director & DesignerVu Pham
    Brand Strategy Director: Phung Le Lam Hai
    Graphic Designer: Thanh An, Huong Huynh, Hoang Phuc 
    Showcase: Vu Pham, Quan Phung
    Account Manager: Mai Loan
    Content: Nguyet Anh

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