Boomerang Chair

  • Designed in 2013, the Boomerang Chair was designed aiming two goals: the first being a chair that could be assembled and disassembled  without any hardware or adhesives and the second being a chair that could be used in various rooms of the home. With that in mind, the Boomerang Chair becomes an onbject suitable for users that enjoy clean lines and that look for a piece of furniture that can be paired with couches, can have cushions and be placed anywhere one wishes to define a simple and elegant seating area.
    Designed and manufactured completely using CAD technology, the Boomerang chair becomes an object to be produced in larger scale without having too many production errors. Its seat and backrest are made out of two sheets in a shallow angle, defining a concave area for comfort ,less waste of material and a smaller package. Built out of bamboo plywood, the parts are cut, lightly sanded and receive a clear coat of polyurethane for protection, keeping its original color.
    Technical Specs
    Name: Boomerang Chair
    Year: 2013
    Dimensions: 20"(W)x27"(D)x31"(H)
    Material and production: CNC-cut bamboo plywood