‘Time to Tell’ — Steve Grobman

    The sun rises and sets like clockwork, and yesterday’s innovations are gone tomorrow. Except, it appears, in cybersecurity. Cyber defenses from a generation ago linger front and center, even as the coming wave of quantum computing is poised to reshape the digital world. Steve Grobman, CTO for McAfee, makes the case that our current defenses share far too many traits with legacy immunology practices. It’s time to get smart. Because the way it’s always been shouldn’t always last. It’s time to ask, can we act in time to change the future?
    Directed and Written by: Mark G. Murray

  • HACK
  • "Even in 2020 some of the documents in the National Archives related to the Kennedy assassination, nearly 60 years ago, still retain redactions for current national security concerns."
  • Turing
    "When the British cracked Germany’s Enigma code in 1941, it provided critical information to Allied land, air, and sea forces that ultimately shortened, and won the war. Yet the sensitivity of that project was so great that even people working on it weren’t aware of its objective. And even after victory, we kept this story secret for 30 years."
  • Agency: https://fourwindscreative.com