• The Device-to-Cloud Campaign launched to shift the McAfee brand's market perception—from a consumer antivirus company with its best days behind it to a device-to-cloud cybersecurity company—and drive further differentiation against competitors, progressively building the role of leader in innovation, and increasing halo effect.
    We created a hero video along with different versions and multiple cuts, including a series of 30 seconds TV spots, — The challenge was to create emotional resonance and build authenticity: in today's data-driven marketing environment, emotions still drive 80 percent of people's decisions. We wanted an emotional lens to filter our message because human connection will always drive the most engaging, memorable ads.

  • Agency: https://fourwindscreative.com

  • Intelligence lets you respond to your environment.
    Insights empower you to change it.
    It's the actual cost in cold hard cash,
    as well as the human endeavor,
    we must protect.
    Because ideas don’t come for free.
    Budgets are begged for. Long hours are required.
    And all those days with no lunch.
    Late nights are worked. The family time missed.
    The months, maybe even years of research.
    The sheer human effort of it all.
    The changes, the revisions, the reworks, the results.
    The adaptation, the innovation, the collaboration.
    All lead to the final moment, when it pays off.
    And it’s perfect. Your company’s work.
    As long as it’s not compromised.
    From device to cloud, McAfee harnesses the power of one billion threat sensors to design security that moves beyond intelligence to insight.
    So you can move beyond optimizing security products to optimizing your security posture.
    And not just react to threats but remediate threats that matter.
    Intelligence lets you respond to your environment.
    Insights empower you to change it.