• DAS has been producing sausages since 1995. Today the DAS company occupies one of the leading positions in terms of the volume of products shipped in the stores where it is presented. The following was created: logo; packaging;  visual identity; brand book, all sales peripherals. The essence of the company is that they position their product as “natural”. Without the addition of chemicals. A clean design based on the main component of each product line only confirms this and gives the client all the necessary information visually.

  • The logo has been designed to appeal to modern. The design is intentionally different from competitors. The font is soft and strict at the same time what makes it easy to read and be closer to consumer.​​​​​​​

  • We want to create a clean, premium and highly distinguishable visual identity, that should mirror our business positioning. 

  • The product is positioned as the best among sausages. The essence of the company is that they position their product as “natural”. Based on this, we made a simple and bright design of the packaging​​​​​​​

  • Buro.group has visually changed the concept of the site: now is not only convenient for the product's, but also more informative. We tried to do DAS modern and stylish, bring the feeling of using the site to a new level.

  • Open to new projects, clients and collabs
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