• Janrain is a software-as-a-service company that helps organizations succeed on the social web with its user management platform. With Janrain products, customers learn more about users when they log in or sign up with an existing identity on a social network. Janrain-enabled sites can store social profile data and use that information to launch more targeted campaigns or serve more relevant content.
    Janrain's product offerings were expanding, and they wanted to reposition their products as a platform that holistically addresses every aspect of online user management—without losing brand equity of their already successful individual products.
    After an in-depth discovery period, we identified the following goals for the new site:
    •    Reposition the Janrain User Management Platform (a suite of Janrain’s existing products) as the company’s primary offering and attract more multi-product (JUMP) customers.
    •    Support efforts to attract more customers in the specific verticals of retail, news media, entertainment, consumer goods and technology while also supporting other verticals.
    •    Speak to both technical and marketing audiences.
    •    Increase overall qualified leads and conversion.
    •    Increase the effectiveness of product messaging and create a more engaging, informative user experience.
    •    Position Janrain as the best option compared to major competitor Gigya (particularly because their site was becoming increasingly similar to Janrain’s).
    •    Pull users through the site, connecting the value of using Janrain products together.
    As a member of the andCulture team, I lead content creation and buildout of the WordPress site. In the course of 17 weeks, we produced a 140-page site that included:
    •    Crafting a cohesive product and solutions story, turning an abundance of technical and marketing information into engaging, benefit-oriented educational content.
    •    Constructing a solutions tour to guide potential customers through the full picture of Janrain’s platform of products.
    •    Building a customer success section—including testimonials, case studies and customer profiles—for Janrain’s primary verticals.
    •    Creating an about page that showcases Janrain’s expertise and pioneering spirit.
    In the end, we were able to craft a final product that increased web leads two- and three-fold.