Kaikura - The Lost Font from 1977

  • Kaikura - The Lost Font from 1977

  • Kaikura is inspired by the Soul and Funky vibes of the 70s and a tribute to the artists of that era.
    After my "Erkin" typeface I wanted to create something funkier and psychedelic and I think I reached that goal with this font, "Kaikura".

    I enjoyed the process of creating it and I hope you enjoy using it!

  • Or the "Funkadelia Typeface Bundle" (BM Erkin + BM Kaikura) (52​​​​​​​$)​​​​​​​

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  • The Story of Kaikura (The Psychosis);
    "I went back to 1977 and found this lost font. The designer was missing but she left a Letraset dry transfer paper. The Letraset was cover with cocaine and dust... I saw the name of the typeface on it. Kaikura, what a beautiful name I said to myself. I also saw the ephemera and the album cover works she worked on. Maybe, if she were able to release Kaikura the original album covers would have been different. I was mesmerized with her work but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I said to myself “maybe she was dead or maybe she got lost.” But I had to be sure that her legacy lives on. So, I released Kaikura."