Guaraná Antarctica - Pipoca e Guaraná

  • Pipoca e Guaraná

    Back in the 90s a jingle ad made a giant success: Pipoca e Guaraná (translated to Popcorn and Guaraná) was in everyone's mouth, with adults and children knowing every part of the lyrics. So, in the middle of 2020 social isolation, we decided to bring back the success to remember everyone that the best combination to stay at home it's Pipoca e Guaraná.

  • Design  

    But, not just as a simple ad or jingle, we transformed Pipoca e Guaraná into a brand.Creating its own language and visuals, and then going further launching a completecollection of accessories with C&A,
    one of the largest fast-fashion brands in Brazil.

  • C&A Clothes Collection

  • OOH

  • Stickers

  • Social Media

  • Results

    In the end, the best part was the success within our audience. Pipoca e Guaraná figured 4 times in the brazilian Trending Topics (organically) and generated a lot (believe, me a lot) of people's own versions
    of the jingle. 
    To see more results, you can check the case below (in Portuguese).