FH Cordelia™ Display

  • FH Cordelia™ Display

    Ty - FH Cordelia™
    Ca - Display
    Da - 2020
    De - Fatih Hardal
    Fo - Hardal Studio
    Co - Turkey

    The 2020 version contains all characters.
    The OTF (OpenTypeFeatures) format is available in Macintosh and Windows.

    Cordelia represents the bold and Far Eastern culture. On the basis of the structure are calligraphic strokes. A structure that makes its presence felt by the combination of small letters and capital letters. This unusual alphabet also includes characters that are not similar to the Latin alphabet. Because Cordelia equals Asia.

    We can see the effect of calligraphy brush stroke on letters. It consists of two different line thicknesses and appears with a semi-serif structure. The folds at the ends form an oriental and traditional style. With its small details, Cordelia reflects its personality more strongly. This traditional structure has been modernized and designed for use in today's book covers, posters, packaging designs and logotypes of various brands.