• Desbordada is a project and workshop created by artist Elena Martinez Bolio. In this creative and interdisciplinary space, thread and weave break away from the norm to become an homage to both traditional wisdom and new expressions. It is a project that creates new and subversive artwork, where individuality and community collaborate. It is an open, continuous, feminine, and unique vision. Desbordada is many things at once: a gallery, a workshop, a creative space, a school, a place of meditation. It is a traveling space with deep roots.

    Elena Martinez Bolio uses weaving and embroidery as her main creative tool. Her workshop produces unique pieces that combine permanence and presence. Each stitch, each thread is full of meaning and connection; from the simplest to the most complex. But Desbordada is also a project in constant evolution. It cannot be contained within a frame. It expands continuously towards other spaces and possibilities.

    The design developed for Desbordada reflects this powerful and deep vitality. Its roots are in the wise hands of the craftswoman, but it cannot be permanently fixed. The woven thread forms the base for the design, to expressing the project’s values of craftsmanship and innovation. Patterns, repetitions, and asyncopated rhythms reflect the diversity and versatility of the brand, as well as its highly creative essence. The use of textures offers a frame for the materiality of the brand, experienced in the objects and art pieces that are created.

    Desbordada is a work of design that is free, but also rigorous. It has a strong yet playful hand, one that is vulnerable and courageous at the same time. It combines our history and our eternal search of new futures within an infinite and beautiful tapestry, connecting us with our essence as humans.