Tacos Nachos and Beer

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    Tacos Nachos & Beer
    Integrated retail branding initiative comprised of name, brand and logo development, logo, façade and interior environmental design, launch promotions, and web site/menu design.
    Create restaurant mass appeal by enticing both authentic Mexican palettes and Americanized tastes in an eatery that foresees rapid growth via its mission to dominate the Twin Cities taco market.

    Build a modern interpretation of a Mexican restaurant with a “U.S. taqueria with attitude” design sensibility that lends itself to swift translation into a franchise roll-out concept. Key
    components included:
    1) Add “Nachos & Beer” to the “Tacos” menu and name to expand familiarity/appeal to U.S. consumers 
    2) Create the ideal cross-section of a contemporary-upscale, franchise-esque feel (to appear vast), mixed with traditional Mexican touches (foodie “street” slang) – a space where both worlds meld seamlessly.
    3) Utilize bold color selections (bright yellow with black accents) to establish a contemporary attract
    4) Incorporate a “salsa bar” for customers to tailor their tacos to individualized taste preferences 
    5) Offer primarily Mexican beer selections to further promote authenticity.

    The taqueria’s first quarter earnings proved the enterprise to be immensely lucrative, prompting a handful of investors to express interest in franchising. In the near-term, solid branding lends itself to fast and easy food line extension into sauces, toppings, Mexican beer, etc.