What It Feels Like

  • Emerge — What It Feels Like
  • We've partnered with Emerge to tell an emotional story of connection and touch showcasing and explaining the functions of their flagship product... M1.
    M1 uses ultrasound waves to create a tangible force around virtual content that deepens connection, enriches wellbeing, improves cognition, heightens engagement, and at the most important bridges the distance between people.

  • Interior Design
  • Full Video
  • Process Reel
  • Early R&N - establishing the look and direction.
    Lot's of exploring and fun.

  • Client: Emerge IO
    Production: Idea & Maker
    Concept & Design: Johana Kroft, Maxim Kroft
    Creative Direction: Johana Kroft
    Technical Direction: Maxim Kroft
    Art Direction: Johana Kroft
    3D Clothing: Maxim Kroft
    3D Interior Design: Johana Kroft
    Colorist: Johana Kroft
    Animation/Motion Design: Maxim Kroft
    Shading: Johana Kroft, Maxim Kroft
    Composing: Maxim Kroft
    Sound: Jose Correa (Fellow Wave)