Target Wine Cube

  • Company: 
    Target Corp.   
    Wine packaging (as well as naming, branding point-of-purchase materials).
    Package mass market wine to appear more upscale and appeal to Target’s
    “affordable trend” customer.   
    1) The cube shape was selected to specifically differentiate from the standard rectangular
    wine box shape.  
    2) Two-tone trend colors are used to signify each of the wine varieties. The same “Wine Cube”
    logo represents the entire product line and is centrally placed for immediate visibility. The reversed
    wine flavor text “pops” off of the saturated color block background, creating a prime focal point.
    Product testing in dozens of Napa Valley area Target stores performed so well
    (consumers and wine critics were both overwhelmingly impressed), leading to a nationwide store
    roll-out (except in prohibiting states).